Delbrück, Germany Bathtubs and shower trays Manufacturer of products and materials

Bette is the specialist in vitrified titanium steel bathroom elements: bathtubs, ultra-flat shower trays, shower trays and basins. The family business was founded in 1952 in Delbrück in Westphalia, and specializes exclusively in the processes of steel transformation and enamelling. The manager is Thilo C. Pahl. Today, 380 employees are employed at the administrative headquarters and production site in Delbrück. It is exclusively here, and made in Germany, that over 600 different models of bathtubs, shower trays and basins are produced, with a choice of possible colors for the surfaces.

Bette production combines high industrial technology with tailor-made craftsmanship. Today, more than half of the products are personalized according to customer wishes. The natural raw materials that are glass, water and steel become high-end products that Bette offers in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, custom-made, with raised edges for laying without silicone and in hundreds colours. The vitrified surface called BetteGlasur is synonymous with a long service life and guaranteed for 30 years. The entire Bette range is controlled in accordance with the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) specific to the materials and the range, in accordance with ISO14025.