Les Achards, France Material handling Manufacturer of products and materials

Founded in 1998, AMLIFT was born from a know-how of more than 40 years in the field of lateral and multidirectional trolleys. For more than 20 years, AMLIFT has remained the undisputed French leader with more than 65% market share and more than 3.000 machines delivered, while the "COMBI" has established itself as the world leader with more than 30.000 units sold.

In addition to the "COMBI" and its indisputable technological advance, AMLIFT also offers a full range of trolleys, both thermal and electric, ranging from the 1300 kg multi-directional stacker to the 30-ton multi-directional trolley, via Jumper Trolley and other Self-propelled Gantry. To always better satisfy you, and because we consider that our business is above all based on listening and advice, AMLIFT has surrounded itself with a team of 45 competent and trained people to meet your expectations on French territory. . These are all elements that make AMLIFT the French specialist in the specific handling sector today. Because our future depends on our future, we strive on a daily basis to be, not just a supplier, but your privileged partner.