Les Avenieres - Veyrins Thuellin, France Technical textiles Manufacturer of products and materials
  1. Mermet provides optimal thermal and visual protection for a new school canteen in Vinay (38)
  2. Pritzker Price winner chooses Mermet fabrics again
  3. Mermet's Screen Nature, essential for LEED Gold certification in Barcelona
  4. Mermet weaves its web on the western port of Helsinki with its SV 3% Koolblack ™
  5. Mermet's Satiné 5500 harnesses the light of the Be Open building
  6. Mermet takes part in the exceptional work of the Feltrinelli Foundation with the Satiné 5500
  7. UNOFI: a heat shield thanks to the Satin 5500 Low E fabric by Mermet
  8. Mermet at the Musée de l'Homme, a rock-solid mastery of light
  9. Museum of the Order of the Liberation: Mermet expertise at the service of excellence