Limoux, France Innovative insulation solutions Manufacturer of products and materials

ACTIS is an innovative SME with nearly 200 employees, created in 1980 and based in Occitania. Its 3 manufacturing sites are ISO 9001 certified.

For over 35 years, ACTIS has been developing, manufacturing and marketing reflective insulation providing great thermal comfort in winter and summer, good sound comfort and long-lasting insulation performance. Its materials are healthy (without formaldehyde, cyanide, phenol ...), non-irritant and respectful of the quality of the indoor air. Their implementation is simple and very pleasant.

For ACTIS, innovation is essential: 5% of its turnover is devoted to Research and Development. This investment has enabled the design of a new generation of high performance cellular reflective insulation (IRA).

HYBRIS is the first rigid cellular insulation which replaces mineral wool on the same applications in walls, roofs and roof spaces. Its high performance is ACERMI certified (λ33). TRIPLEX is a new patented honeycomb technology for ACTIS flexible insulation with EN 16012 certified performance. This technology is found in particular on the TRISO-SUPER 12 BOOST'R ', an insulation solution for roofs eligible for the tax credit .

ACTIS is the European leader in the reflective insulation market. The company has offices in the UK and Spain. It is also present in Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and shines in many other European countries.

ACTIS insulation is made in France to encourage the local economy. The emphasis is on innovation to offer ever more efficient insulation whose key words are "comfort, health, well-being".