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Saint-Cloud cedex, France Flat glass for construction Manufacturer of products and materials
  1. AGC Glass Europe announces the commissioning of a new laminated safety glass manufacturing line at the Osterweddingen factory in Germany
  2. New FDES available for standard float glass and AGC Low-Carbon Glass
  3. Luxclear glass with an anti-corrosion layer synonymous with long-lasting transparency and easy maintenance
  4. AGC Glass Building: The temple of glass in Louvain-La-Neuve
  5. AGC continues to increase its production of float glass with a reduced carbon footprint
  6. AGC Sustainability Report 2023
  7. AGC Glass Europe presents Mirox 4Green+, a high-end mirror with a water-based lacquer
  8. AGC Glass Europe buys green electricity from 14 Luminus wind turbines and thus makes its production process more sustainable
  9. AGC Glass Europe closes the year with the launch of its new Low-Carbon Glass range
  10. AGC Glass Europe announces a new range of float glasses with a reduced carbon footprint